M&A has been in our DNA since our founding. In addition to our internal investments, our strategy includes acquiring content, products, teams, and leaders through M&A. We will continue to be an opportunistic and purposeful, strategic acquirer.



CrowdReason and CorrelationAdvisors

CrowdReason is a technology services company that provides software applications, solutions, and services for property tax compliance. CorrelationAdvisors provides consulting services related to property valuation and property tax compliance.

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Track1099 provides online software and services for cost-effectively managing, e-filing, and e-delivering Internal Revenue Service forms, including Forms 1099, W-2, and W-9.

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3CE is a Canadian company that provides software and services for Harmonized System classifications and verifications, primarily to government entities and logistics services providers.


DAVO Technologies is a company that helps emerging small businesses automate the daily and ongoing requirements for sales tax. DAVO supports more than 4,000 small businesses in the United States.

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INPOSIA Solutions is a German software company focused on e-invoicing, digital tax reporting, and business and data integration to address real-time compliance requirements for companies worldwide.

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Impendulo is a London-based provider of insurance tax compliance solutions, offering insurance tax compliance management technology and services, specializing in support for multi-national insurance companies. Impendulo helps its clients in a multi-step process from acting as the required in-country tax representative and agent, to rate calculations, filings, returns, and audit support.

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Business Licenses

Business Licenses provides software and services for the research, acquisition, and management of business licenses, registrations, and permits for businesses of all sizes.

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Transaction Tax Resources

Transaction Tax Resources, known as the tax answer company, primarily serves enterprise businesses and their internal tax teams, offering U.S. sales and use tax rates, laws, software, and customer support required for the biggest and most complex companies.

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Portway provides customers with Harmonized System classifications and outsourced customs brokerage services.

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Indix collects organizes and structures the world’s product information using AI. With the addition of Indix expertise, Avalara will be able to efficiently and rapidly refine its content to meet the expanding and evolving needs of its customers.

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Compli is a provider of compliance services, technology, and software to producers, distributors, and importers of alcoholic beverages in the United States. The company specializes in beverage compliance and has served thousands of wineries, distilleries, breweries, wholesalers, and importers through its customers.

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Tradestream Technologies

Tradestream Technologies is a Canadian company developing global trade compliance solutions for merchants, marketplaces, platforms, and freight forwarders, third party logistic providers, and customs brokers.

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Gyori provides certain tax-related compliance solutions and content for the Brazilian market.


VAT Applications (iVAT)

iVAT is a suite of VAT compliance software and services for businesses of all sizes.

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EZtax is a leading provider of tax compliance solutions for the telecommunications industry. EZtax provides telecom services providers with an automated tax solution for calculating and filing taxes due on their services across the U.S. and Canada.

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HotSpot Tax

HotSpot Tax is a leading provider of tax compliance solutions for the vacation rental industry.

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SuitePlus specializes in working with international companies looking to optimize and automate their overall systems and process management activities. The company has been involved in a wide range of projects with a variety of clients, including large internationally recognized companies as well as domestic Brazilian operations.

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VATlive is a leading provider of cloud-based software delivering compliance solutions related to sales tax, VAT, and other transactional taxes.

Zy Tax

Zy Tax’s products provide retail fuel and energy companies with a single source for all transactional tax processing needs.


Applianz develops applications for helping companies manage sales tax compliance.


Avex Solutions

Avex provides telecommunications returns technology.

Tax Technology Services (CertCapture)

CertCapture is a leading provider of cloud-hosted sales tax exemption certificate management solutions. The CertCapture technology and customer base augments Avalara’s own offering.


Tax Matrix (Matrix Master)

Matrix Master is a database of Universal Product Codes that maintain specialized sales taxability date for U.S. products.


Tax Solutions Group

Tax Solutions Group provides state and local tax consulting services.



Taxcient is a supplier of web-based exemption certificate management for sales tax.


New Horizons Systems

New Horizons Systems is a supplier of business geographic and tax jurisdiction assignment software products and data files.

Independent Systems and Programming (ISPI)

ISPI is a leading provider of software and databases designed to help businesses manage sales and use tax compliance.



TrustFile is a leading provider of web-hosted sales tax management services. The company offers software providing a simple, inexpensive solution that automates sales tax e-filing and e-payment within one application.